Weldox Carbon Steel

The beauty of Strenx

The Beauty of Strenx


Strenx 700 meets the requirements of EN 10 025-6 for the S690 grade and thicknesses. Typical applications include demanding load-bearing structures.

Strenx 700 E (complies with S 690 QL) is available in plate thicknesses of 4–160 mm, while Strenx 700 F (complies with S 690 QL1) is available in plate thicknesses of 4–130 mm.

Benefits include:

  • Superior bendability and surface quality
  • Weldability with excellent HAZ strength and toughness
  • Exceptional consistency within a plate guaranteed by close tolerances
  • High impact toughness which provides for good resistance to fractures

Dimension Range

Strenx 700 E is available in plate thicknesses of 4 – 160 mm and Strenx 700 F is available in plate thicknesses of 4 - 130 mm. Both grades are available in widths up to 3350 mm and lengths up to 14630 mm depending on thickness. More detailed information on dimensions is provided in the dimension program