LED Work Lights



LED Work Lights from Pitt Boss are made to endure all types of conditions, while being extremely safe and efficient.  When utilized in mining equipment fleets, Pitt Boss lights will reduce downtime and save on labor costs while eliminating high voltage safety dangers.

Long Life – Extremely Durable

Pitt Boss LED Work Lights can last up to 50,000 hours, and are made to endure extremely harsh conditions.  Due to their lack of a fragile filament or tube, they are resistant to heat, cold and shock – ensuring that their long life capacity will also withstand the elements of mining and industrial sites.

Ultra Bright Lighting That’s Efficient

Each lumen of light has a low current draw and records show that when used on lighting towers, Pitt Boss LEDs have a fuel usage of only 0.8/1.0Ltr per hr – approximately 50% less than other lights of this type.  This brings refueling down to just once a week, and negates the need for high voltage statutory checks.