JEC Body Design


JEC Off-Highway Dump Truck Bodies


Austin Engineering's JEC truck body is a lighter weight modular design that improves payload, reduces material hang-up and reduces overall operating costs.

The skeletal frame complements the innovative replaceable floor. The replaceable floor eliminates the need for heavy, maintenance intensive wear liner plates. The floor can be easily removed and replaced in less time than replacing a full liner package.

The long-term benefit to the end user is an increase in payload due to the saving in overall body weight and improved carrying capacity.

1. Replaceable floor wear area
2. Replaceable canopy floor
3. Skeleton frame lasts for life of truck
4. Lighter weight
5. Improved volumetric capacity w/ increased payload potential
6. Curved internal transitions to reduce hang up
7. No wear liner plates required
8. Floor designed customized based on load tool
9. Individual models comply with OEM specifications