Westech Flow Control


Westech Flow Control


Westech Bodies

Austin Engineering's Westech bodies offer improved operating performance over the competition due to design weight optimization and improved payload potential, maximizing fleet capabilities.

1. Engineered for specific material conditions + loading tools
2. Improved strength and wearability
3. Three distinct body types available – rock, coal, combo (coal/overburden)
4. High strength steel used throughout the construction
5. Compatible with all OEM chassis
6. Analyzed with the latest FEA and load simulation software
7. Maximized payload potential to suit gross vehicle weight
8. Highly refined design based on proven traditional shape
9. Stable load carried in a safe capacity

Westech Flow Control Body®

The Westech Flow Control Body (patent pending) from Austin Engineering has a revolutionary floor design that controls the flow of material out of the body during dumping, ensuring that the center of gravity of the load remains forward of the rear axle for longer during the dumping cycle.

This unique design increases the stability of the truck, eliminating lift of the front axles resulting in overall safer operation. The controlled flow of material also results in improved dust control and improved body life.

The Flow Control Body is available for all truck brands and models in combo (coal and overburden), coal or overburden designs.