CMS Cepcor™ fitting new Metso HP400 crusher mainshaft using cryogenics

CMS Cepcor fitting new Metso HP400 crusher mainshaft using cryogenics

Premium crusher wear parts

CMS Cepcor premium manganese cone crusher liners are independently proven in mining production to exceed the performance of the equivalent OEM castings.

The metallurgy for CMS Cepcor premium range manganese was developed with their foundry partner who is renowned as the world's leading manufacturer of crusher liners. 

Based on the original Hadfield’s specification, the CMS variation provides unequaled toughness with excellent resistance to abrasion, which improves as the steel work-hardens in operation.

Available in M18 and M22 manganese options we have a cost-effective solution for your specific requirements.

Quality assured

CMS Cepcor premium wear parts undergo stringent quality tests conducted by CMS Cepcor quality engineers utilizing the latest state-of-the-art measuring technology and materials testing to ensure fit and performance.