Tray Liners

CAT 777 Liner Kit - SolidWorks 3D Model

Custom Engineered Liner Kit comprised of Chromeweld™ 600 (gray) + QT-Plus® (teal)

Global Standard in Overlay Plate

We manufacture our CHROMEWELD™ line of chromium carbide overlay steel products in house with the toughest of abrasion challenges in mind.

Manufactured using chemistries that are unique to JADCO®, these abrasion-resistant products have proven their worth in the coal mines of Appalachia, the gold fields of Africa, and around the world.

Our 600 Brinnell chromium carbide overlay plate is ideal for surfaces requiring high levels of abrasion resistance. Precision-manufactured with a mild steel base plate and a hardfaced/overlayed with our proprietary CHROMEWIRE™, our specially formulated chromium carbide plate is designed to generate primary carbides in the first layer. The plate is a composite of chromium iron carbides in an austenitic matrix.

Typical hardness is 55-62 HRc depending upon thickness of overlay. Stock Plate size is 90” X 120”.

How to weld QT-PLUS®

How to weld QT-PLUS®

Defense Against Severe Impact and Abrasion Challenges

JADCO QT-PLUS® wear steel, a company exclusive, combines a specific chemistry with a unique thermal heat-treating process. Result: a premium-quality grade of alloy steel unmatched in the industry. Parts made from QT-PLUS® not only provide outstanding resistance to abrasion (500bhn) and wear, but are amazingly ductile.

QT-PLUS® wear steel exhibits excellent weldability because of a tightly controlled carbon range.

QT-PLUS® wear steel is extremely tough due to precise alloying, controlled carbon and proprietary heat treat.

QT-PLUS® wear steel chemical composition produces a material that retains hardness throughout the entire plate thickness.