Connell Pairs with Gold Fields for PGA Championship 2016

Connell Pairs with Gold Fields for PGA Championship

TARKWA, GHANA - Connell Mining Products is proud to again pair with Gold Fields in supporting the Gold Fields PGA Championship 2016.  Last year’s outing was the largest golf event in Ghana’s 40+ year history with the sport, and Connell is pleased to rally behind Gold Fields in hosting another landmark event in conjunction with the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) of Ghana.

Connell’s involvement centers on supporting our key partner Gold Fields to help grow golf in Ghana and throughout West Africa.

Connell would like to thank the Gold Fields Board of Directors and Executive team, specifically Senior Vice President: Head of West Africa Region, Alfred Baku and VP Projects & Head of Engineering, Hans De Beer, for extending a warm welcome.

“The organizing committee thanks Connell Mining Products for their support,” noted Mr. De Beer. ”It is really a pleasure working with Connell as their professionalism is evident in all they do.”

Having strong ties to Ghana for over 20 years, Connell is especially proud to be a part of the Gold Fields PGA Championship 2016.  We expect this year’s event to be the best yet, knowing that when Connell partners with Gold Fields, success is par for the course.

Gold Fields PGA Championship 2015

Photos from Gold Fields PGA Championship 2015.


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